Erkules Oy is a Finnish limited company working on the motorsports and software branches since 2006. SnookCam is our latest product.




SnookCam is a complete snooker scoreboard and live streaming software which includes a hawkeye feature to assist referees and players to return balls back to the position they were before a faulty shot was made. SnookCam is the first in the world to introduce this kind of hawkeye feature which makes the play more accurate and faster.


SnookCam system contains the following elements:

SnookCam App icon 10" Android tablet per table for score display. The tablet can be purchased from us or you can use your own as well. 

SnookCam App icon SnookCam wifi router.

SnookCam App icon 2 pcs of 1080p Full HD Cameras with holders and 3m (9ft) electrical wire with 220V or 110V socket. 1 camera for the live streaming and the other one for the hawkeye feature.

SnookCam App icon SnookCam mobile app, which can be downloaded free from App Store or Google Play Store. The app is downloaded to the tablet showing scores and if desired to any mobile device which can then be used as a remote controller for the system. The scoreboard can be used either via tablet or this mobile device


   SnookCam contents

Download SnookCam  Download SnookCam  Scan to download SnookCam


The use off the system is made as simple and quick as possible!

Just simply connect your device to the SnookCam wifi, open the app, select the snooker table you are on and start making breaks. The app gives also warnings in advance for situations where miss would not be called in case the following shot is a foul. All the extra information about points can be hidden if not desired to be visible for players.

  SnookCam front page     SnookCam scoreboard


        Tablet view

        View for the players


LIVE streaming to YouTube or any other media requires just two clicks. LIVE stream score label shows also the minimum balls to pot to win the frame. Players' pot success, average shot time and the highest brakes become visible after each frame.

   SnookCam stream view 



The hawkeye system takes still shots of the live situation automatically. Returning the balls back to the previous positions is easy as you can see the still shot of the previous situation as a transparent picture on top of the live video on either the tablet or your mobile device with no delay. You can hold the mobile device on the other hand while positioning the balls with the other and see directly yourself where the correct position is.

The hawkeye system can be purchased separately and it can be used together with any other scoreboard system as well.

  SnookCam returning balls     SnookCam demo video

                                                                Demo video


Installation of the SnookCam system is very simple. Just download the SnookCam app to the device, attach the tablet and the stream camera to the wall and plug in the sockets! That's all!

LIVE streaming requires internet connection of 2 Mbit/s per table. Other parts of the system can be used without internet connection.

Optimal position for the hawkeye camera is over the blue spot at the height of around 2m (7ft) over the table. Higher or as low as 120cm (4ft) installation is also possible. The source for the hawkeye video can also be the live stream video as well in which case the accuracy is somewhat compromised as the location of the stream camera is not straight above the table. In this case a separate hawkeye camera is not needed.

We can fix any kind of holder to get the cameras in the correct position for you. Just ask us!



Total price for the system is 380€+VAT per table including:


SnookCam App icon 1 10" Android tablet with a wall mount. (100€ discount if you use your own tablet)

SnookCam App icon 1 SnookCam wifi router.

SnookCam App icon 2 Full HD Cameras with a holder and 3m (9ft) electrical wire with 220V or 110V socket. (50€ discount if only 1 camera)

SnookCam App icon 1 year operating license. 4€/month after the 1st year for private use. Ask an offer for the use under an official organization.

SnookCam App icon free download of the SnookCam app for all users.

SnookCam App icon free delivery.

SnookCam App icon 2 years guaranty.



Upgrade package 1 includes 30fps Full HD (1920x1080p) camera with enhanced colour, lighting and sound quality and more powerful tablet. Total price with this package is 580€ + VAT.

You can watch a demo stream with upgarade package 1 from here.

Upgrade package 2 includes 30fps QHD (2560x1440p) camera with 4x optical zoom and more powerful 11" tablet. Total price with this package is 780€ + VAT.




The hawkeye system can be purchased also separately at the price of 195€+VAT per table. It requires NO internet connection. We have also holders where you can easily put and take away some other scoreboard system's remote controller on top of your mobile device. The referee can then hold the mobile device and the remote controller easily in one hand and remove the remote controller from the top of the mobile device when returning balls with the aid of the still shot picture on the device.


For referees we have touch screen referee gloves at the price of 3€/pair!


Special 100% handmade numbered triangles are for sale at the price of 147€ incl. VAT and delivery.

Triangle demo video

Triangle demo video


Contact sales@erkkila.eu and set your snooker experience to a whole new level!




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